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Planning Appeal Bebington

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    Planning Appeal Bebington

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Project Brief:

We were asked by Matthews & Goodman LLP to undertake a British Standard [BS]: 5837 Tree Survey, Arboricultural Method Statement & Tree Protection Plan including the positional plotting of all trees on site as part of planning appeal.

This project is reported by email as: “The recent project is for a planning appeal whereby reason 3 of the refusal notice stated: there is insufficient information submitted to determine if there will be any harm to or loss of the trees within the site that are protected by a Tree Preservation Order. This is contrary to Policy GR7 of the adopted Wirral Unitary Development Plan”.

There are approximately 40 trees within the site boundary to be surveyed and approximately up to 10 trees influencing the site boundary around plots 9 and 10.

Advice provided to the Customer:

  • Provide an outline landscaping proposal that is based around replacing the mainly poorer quality trees that are required to be felled as part of the development.
  • The above site plan is a combination of the BS 5837 Tree Survey with the following information forming the basis of the landscape design.
  • The position of the proposed site entrance and access road has been moved in favour of retaining trees.
  • We have included a pedestrian pavement around the areas of tree retention so residents can access a crossing point either side of the proposed access road.
  • The re-positioning of the proposed access road / pavement is conceptual in favour of retaining the existing higher quality trees.

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