Urban Forestry Group: drawing requirements

drawing guidelines

Want to keep costs down and speed up your planning application?
Before emailing urban forestry group your *.dwg site plan; please check it meets our minimum drawings requirements. That way we can start work immediately.

Unable to access AutoCAD or meet our minimum drawing requirements?
If you are unable to carry out this work yourself; please contact your architect, or a suitably qualified person to do this on your behalf.

Alternatively; use urban forestry groups technical drawing service, please email over your current site plan to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - We will then get back to you with a cost.


Urban Forestry Group: minimum drawing requirements

  • File Format: To be supplied in AutoCAD dwg format of version 2013 or later.
  • External references: Any references to other drawings that are not supplied, must be removed.
  • Drawing Number: Drawings must contain a unique drawing identifier such as a drawing number and revision.
  • Drawing Layout: Must be clearly labelled with ISO paper size e.g. A0, A1 or A3 and include a recognised scale e.g. 1:250 with a North arrow.
  • Viewports: Any viewport with a different scale must be clearly labelled.
  • Views & Sectional Views: Must be clearly marked with direction of view and section line.
  • Base Units: millimetres
  • Georeferencing: Drawing must be georeferenced with the co-ordinate system set to British National Grid. All digital maps already come geo-referenced, so please ensure when inserting a map in to your drawing you tick the Geo-reference box
  • Eastings & Northings: Ensure the map contains at least one northing and one easting line.
  • Drawing Layers: Drawing elements must be contained within the correct layer.
  • Model space: Existing and proposed site plans, must be arranged side by side and at the same scale and orientation.
  • Drawing elements: Must be unblocked, with any redundant xref references, and / or fragments of previous drawings removed.


If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.