UFG Drawing Guidelines:

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  • Please if possible; could you email your ‘Existing and if applicable, your Proposed Site Layout’ plan/s as set out in the pop out example image to the left, and including the ‘UFG Drawing Guidelines’, as seen in the grey box below:
  • To download an example of this pop out image in a *.dwg format: Download *.dwg

  • To download an example of this pop out image in a *.dwg format, that is only available using a Chrome Web Browser. Download *.dwg
  • If you do not have access to AutoCAD and / or, *.dwg viewing software and would like to view the downloadable *.dwg example image as above; a DWG TrueView viewer is available

  • To download a PDF copy of the ‘pop out example image’ please: click here. Please note: the downloadable PDF example may open up upside down; to resolve this, please go to ‘view’ on your PDF menu and select rotate, counter clockwise to orientate it.

UFG Drawing Guidelines:

  1. UFG uses tree surveying software that uses a Global Positioning System [GPS] system to collect the tree survey data during the site visit. This requires that the topographical survey / existing *.dwg site plans provided; must display the Ordnance Survey [O/S] 6-digit 'National Grid Northings and Eastings' co-ordinates, is less than 1-Kilometer in width, without alteration to the grid scale, free of any unnecessary objects and details, so that a simple uncluttered *.dwg site plan is provided.
  2. The 'proposed site layout plan' is requested to be provided at the same scale and orientation as the topographical survey / existing *.dwg site plan.
  3. Both the 'existing and proposed *.dwg site plans', must be centred in model space and correctly scaled within a paper-space border, clearly stating the drawing scale, paper size, dates of any revisions and revision notes.
  4. Clearly illustrate the numbers of tree/s present within and influencing the site boundary, including a north direction, paper size, provide a key and a fixed measurement in metres.
  5. Provide brief clear details of the proposed development, alterations to ground levels, built up ground, subterranean structures, layout of car parking and driveways.
  6. All elements should be unblocked, with all redundant xref references, html links, remnants and /or fragments of previous drawings are removed and that UFG does not need to use the explode function.
  7. Ensure that all the drawing elements (E.g. drawing lines, site layout, building outlines, roadways, services, street furniture etc) are all located on their correct layers and that areas of hatching, are not connected to other layers.
  8. The *.dwg site plan is to be provided as being drawn in black. Please do not use unclear colours e.g. yellow outlines and yellow text. If *.dwg files are received incorporating multiple colours, UFG may be required to convert coloured lines to black, to clearly assess the drawing provided and re-present it `clearly as required.
  9. Any Client proposed landscaping must be on its own layer, that can be switched on and off.
  10. Any paper, hand drawn, vectorised or PDF site plan/s will require; electronic tracing, tidy up, re-scaling, and where applicable re-draw work.
  11. If any other drawing program is being used other than AutoCAD; prior to it being sent to UFG as a *.dwg file; it is the Clients responsibility to ensure that the drawing in question, including any future revisions are accurately converted for use by UFG into a current version of AutoCAD.
  12. All the above including any re-draw work apply to any revised or new drawings provided to UFG that are to be assessed and / or worked on.
  13. UFG emails *.dwg files using the latest version AutoCAD drawing software and cannot guarantee all elements will remain as set out if used on another software program or a previous version of AutoCAD.
  14. If you are unable to provide the *.dwg site plan following the 'UFG Drawing Guidelines', UFG can undertake all or part of this work for you, as supplementary work.
  15. In the absence of an O/S Grid scale this may include the Client purchasing an O/S MasterMap electronic site plan to undertake the site survey.

On completion of setting out your *.dwg site plan as requested in the above drawing guidelines; please would you now Email your *.dwg site plan to Urban Forestry Group, either by clicking on the following link and attaching the *.dwg site plan or, by Emailing it to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

If you have any questions; please do not hesitate to contact Urban Forestry Group, who will be happy to assist you.