BS-5837: Feasibility Surveys

Our site feasibility studies provide a full-scope preliminary view on a project’s potential in relation to tree and vegetation cover to help compare site layout options and to identify suitable tree-friendly’ engineering solutions for your design project.

We can on your behalf contact the local planning case officer and tree officer for a pre-application discussion confirming the existing of any tree preservation orders or conservation areas, on or overlapping the site.

The Council will generally expect the tree survey to include following information set out in BS 5837:2012
Section 4 Feasibility: Surveys and preliminary constraints:-

  • A record of tree species, its height, trunk diameter at 1.5m, crown spread, age class, physiological and structural condition and estimated future life expectancy.
  • An assessment of tree quality as set out in Appendix 3, (reproduced from Table 1 – Cascade Chart for Tree Quality Assessment in BS 5837:2012).
  • Preliminary management recommendations, including further investigation of suspected defects and potential for wildlife habitat.
  • A Soil assessment and Topographical Survey, with a note of soil conditions and the likely effects of topographical changes on soil and ground water.