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Arboricultural Mortgage Survey:

Urban Forestry Group offers a fast turnaround ‘Arboricultural Survey’ service for trees identified in pre-purchase mortgage surveys.

Your arboricultural survey is emailed to you within 48 hours of the site visit as PDF documents. We can also email your Arboricultural Survey direct to the property surveyor, estate agent or mortgage lender if required.

As an important part of your arboricultural survey, we include a full soil report that includes a ‘Ground Movement Potential Value’.

The distances for trees surveyed are accurately laser measured to the closest point of the property and then recorded on to the arboricultural survey site plan. This site plan where applicable illustrates any identified areas of observed damage and identifies trees requiring any recommended tree surgery works. We can also supply without any commercial interest an estimate of costs for any recommended or required tree surgery works including advice for trees subject to Tree Preservation Orders or within Conservations areas.

The arboricultural survey includes a detailed inspection the trees using a checklist procedure. We draw attention to anything we believe your solicitor should look into on your behalf regarding the trees such as the ownership or damage to property from neighbouring trees.

Your arboricultural survey includes a questionnaire that we ask the existing homeowner / tenant to complete that provides additional information to surrounding the layout of services, foundation type depths, certificate of building standard and any reported damage to property, driveways, walls and garages.

Based on this detailed investigation your arboricultural survey provides conclusions and tree surgery recommendations cross referenced to a site plan and taking into account the ground movement potential of the soil.

We are happy to discuss with you, any arboricultural survey concerns that you may have relative to the property.

Client Testimonial

The Urban Forestry Group were really helpful, extremely prompt, reliable and offered us an excellent all round service. They certainly made things easy for us. Thank you, I would certainly recommend you to any of my friends and family.
Phil – Wirral, Cheshire